My Kids Therapy is an outpatient pediatric practice that offers a whole-person approach to therapy focused on promoting the growth and development of children within their families. Therapists use sensory integration, cognitive behavioral, motor learning, and neurodevelopmental frameworks to guide practice. Our therapists regularly attend professional training courses to enhance their skills and provide innovative treatment for our clients.

Therapists at My Kids Therapy use play-based activities as the catalyst for change, growth, and building independence in all areas of life. We promote self-confidence through client-centered therapy, parent and client education, and individualized treatment. Our practice provides families with resources to enhance skills and mindsets, and develop strategies to promote their child’s success.

My Kids Therapy is a supportive environment where therapists:

  • Using a play-based approach which is highly motivating for the child
  • Meeting the child at his or her developmental level
  • Providing treatment activities to build the skills and confidence needed to increase independence in all environments (home, school, community, etc.).
  • Building a therapeutic relationship with the child

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